The joy of having so many 'Small World Adventures' means there's been a lot of writing over the years!  Back in the day before the infamous 'Blog', I had my ancient-looking travel journal website (now hidden, for fear of aging me) and of course my many travel journals that accompanied me wherever I went and throughout my life in general.  In the past few years, even though I've embraced social media in all it's other forms, I've been somewhat reluctant to convert to the 'dark side' of posting my personal stories online...that four-letter word called the 'Blog'.   Sarcasm aside, I've been persuaded to post these stories and adventures here on my website. 

Perhaps someday I'll dig out my old journals and share some of these 'ink' stories along with the acommpanying photo's, but for now, I've posted a few of the more recent journeys.  This includes those that are travel and international development related, and (on a more personal note) one particular story related to the other passion I share with my husband - wildlife, animal welfare and even more specifically: our love for helping and caring for rescued, injured, abused or neglected animals. 


This is the story of Lucas, a 'little brown dog' rescued after being hit by a car in Jamaica who required complicated hip and leg surgery to give him a second chance with his new forever family in Canada! 

When my husband and I travel together, we love to volunteer with organizations focused on the humane and ethical treatment of animals or the preservation of wildlife and the environment.  During our recent volunteer stint at a Rescue Haven in Jamaica, we experienced a serendipitous moment - meeting our third fur kid and rescued dog.  'Lucas' was no ordinary dog, and his rescue story is nothing short of exceptional, if not amazing.  This journey has changed all of our lives, and we're so thankful to have him in our family.  A Second Chance For Lucas  is the story about the amazing people who first rescued Lucas, how we met him (how he chose us) while volunteering in Montego Bay, his fundraising campaign and eventual journey to surgery, recovery and new life in his new 'forever home' here in Canada!  Please stop by and 'Like'  Lucas' Facebook page here.

This blog was created in 2012 during my third trip back to Africa - my favorite continent!  I spent part of my time in Bukoba Tanzania, where I had the privilege of visiting the programs and initiatives of the organization I serve on the Board with: The Gerladina Orphanage and Education Centre (GOEC).  The best part was meeting and getting to know the children at these programs as well as the wonderful team of staff and volunteers and members of the community!  

In late 2008, I travelled to Zambia (and Botswana) with Habitat for Humanity to volunteer with the Global Village Program - an unforgettable experience!  

Pictures that accompany this blog on my Flickr site. 

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