The Gerladina Orphanage and Education Centre (GOEC) in Bukoba, Tanzania, provides a home with a ‘Family atmosphere’ that is safe, loving and nurturing, while encouraging the children to maintain strong connections to the local community and culture.  Through a sponsorship model, the Neighborhood Program seeks to provide support for families struggling to care for their children,  extended family or orphans, and ensure their educational, health and material needs are met. GOEC also supports a local High School, providing assistance to students completing their secondary education with a goal of encouraging them in their post-secondary endeavors.  The new GOEC Permanent Centre opened its first classroom in 2015, with a goal of providing quality, accessible & barrier-free education to orphans and vulnerable children in the community. Other ongoing exciting GOEC initiatives include sustainability/agricultural projects, expansion of classrooms at the new Centre, and the construction of a rainwater harvesting tank (thanks to a partnership with ‘Orphans to Ambassadors’!).

Mission Statement: GOEC is a charitable, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide social and material assistance to orphans and vulnerable children, to protect them from exploitation and discrimination, and to improve their quality of life, thus ensuring them a brighter future.  

Our goal is to support grassroots, sustainable & community-centered programming and work toward a Brighter Future for these children and their communities! 

As the Director of Operations for the GOEC Canadian Support Office, it is a privilege to be part of an incredible team both in Tanzania and here in Canada, assisting in the development and management of overall program initiatives, including our annual 'Brighten Our Future' event at Lula Lounge and other year-round fundraisers. (under construction) 


A little about the Gerladina Orphanage and Education Centre...

The Gerladina Orphanage & Education Centre (GOEC) is located in Bukoba, Tanzania, and is home to 20 orphaned and vulnerable children.  In addition, the organization works to ensure the education of local children who are at risk of losing their opportunity to attend school. In 2011, a program was introduced to provide educational support for vulnerable children in the Neighboring communities as well. Executive Director, Thadeus Mutarubukwa, as well as his team of dedicated house mothers, have sacrificed much toward providing these children with a brighter future. Serving on the Board as Director of Operations, I consider it both a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of our Volunteer team here in Canada.  Through the successful organization of annual fundraising events such as 'Brighten Our Future', a thriving Child Sponsorship program, and the generous support of friends, family and the community, we strive to maintain support for Thadeus' cause for the children of GOEC and surrounding area - and to secure their promised, brightened future.

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 “Pure and Undefied Religion is to Care for Orphans” James 1:27 

A few of the GOEC pictures from my Flickr & the GOEC Facebook page...

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