Along with my love for writing and for books, my childhood gave me an indispensable appreciation for adventure, exploring different places and experiences, as well as an appreciation for the amazing characters each journey gives you the privilege of meeting - whether in person, online or through the pages of a book. It is because of my own ‘small world adventure’ that I’ve become inspired to bring the joy of reading, learning and storytelling to children everywhere.  One way I hope to do this is through being a Barefoot Books Ambassador!  

At Barefoot Books, we celebrate art and story that opens the hearts and minds of children from all walks of life, focusing on themes that encourage independence of spirit, enthusiasm for learning and respect for the world’s diversity. The welfare of our children is dependent on the welfare of the planet, so we source paper from sustainably managed forests and constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact. Playful, beautiful and created to last a lifetime, our products combine the best of the present with the best of the past to educate our children as the caretakers of tomorrow.

I want all children to know their journey is important and that they deserve to learn, grow and experience love and joy – whether they are my nieces and nephews, the children in my own community or the children I work with locally and internationally. Living out a global perspective within a Small World is important to me and I’m passionate about the work I do with International Development, particularly in the area of education, housing and health for vulnerable and orphaned children. Experiences like these have helped me gain a deeper appreciation for the concept of a ‘Global Village’ and the importance of ensuring access to education and opportunities for all children, everywhere.  

This is my story  – my own ‘Small World Adventure’.  I feel that we enrich our lives when we take the time to listen to each other's stories, so now I would love to hear yours!

Contact me if you are interested in finding out more about these wonderful books, visit my online marketplace or 'LIKE' Small World Adventures with Barefoot Books on Facebook.  In addition to online orders, I take personalized orders via email:  Small World Adventures is also available for parties or local events - please contact me for more details!

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