Discovering a Small World...and the start of a passion for photography...

When I went to Disney world at the age of seven, my father took me to a themed ride which brings you around the world while animatronic dolls sang “It’s a small world after all” throughout.  Mesmerized, I asked my Dad to return to this ride with me seven times over.  Much to his boredom, he patiently agreed and watched my eyes grow wide with wonder at all the places I had yet to see in the world.  My love for travel was born and I announced to my family that I was going to 'live in a car' and spend the rest of my life exploring the globe.  Once a camera was put into my hands, a new passion took over for taking photos of the things I seen in my ‘small world’, and to this day I've never looked back. 

As an adult, this passion has evolved into a love for wildlife, nature, adventure, travel and urban photography.  Trying to capture an unforgettable moment on camera is a delicate task.  Instead of having some cheesy replicated image of what was seen, I hope to capture and pass on some part of what I felt while shooting the image. Even better, I would love for the viewer to 'feel' as though they are there themselves.  Although the point is to draw attention to the main 'subject' in the photograph, I also hope to provoke curiosity around the people, places or stories that go along with it.  And finally, I hope my images inspire others to go places, seek new adventures and enjoy the beauty and diversity of this extraordinary planet.  I didn't end up living my life in a car, but I have certainly covered many miles in my travels around the globe!

 I’ve posted some of my Travel Photography here and you can also check out my blog page which includes my stays in Zambia and Tanzania. 

My official photography page 'That City Chic' is currently under construction - please stay tuned!


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