"Naomba Kupiga Picha yako?" means 'May a take a picture of you?" in Swahili, and is a very important question to ask before snapping up photos around you in Tanzania.  For the most part people were happy to have their photo taken (after gaining permission) and then to view it afterwards, especially the children!  While there was 'wait times' in between our busy itinerary, I would pass the moments by taking photos of the children with my camera's LCD screen positioned so that they could see themselves.  This would send them into fits of laughter, and in turn have us all splitting our sides.  It evolved into a bit of a game and I was able to practice my Swahili by repeating this request often (and rather quickly too!).

These children came running out to greet us from their pre-school.  They seemed to love the attention and enjoyed seeing their faces in the screen.  Every time they would laugh we would crack up too. It went like this for several minutes - pictures, giggles, laughter, pictures, more giggles, laughter...they were all so cute!!!

Check out my Flickr album that highlights all the beautiful faces & wonderful people who so graciously allowed me to capture their unforgettable smiles on camera. To these individuals I say: Asante Sana, thank you very much!