We visited the site of the new GOEC Permanent Centre several times while in Bukoba, witnessing the laying of the foundation and the construction that followed.  Check out my Flickr album highlighting the work completed while we were in Bukoba, as well as the beautiful surroundings and idealistic location Thadeus chose for Gerladina Orphanage & Education Centre’s new home.

The build begins for the new GOEC Permanent Centre with a beautiful backdrop of trees, homes, green hills & golden feilds

This new building will include 8 classrooms, boarding residences for the children, a chapel, an administration block and plenty of play space outside, all for the community's orphaned and vulnerable children. At present, public primary education in Tanzania is provided in Swahili only; English is taught in Secondary school. Children are often unprepared for English when they reach the Secondary level, creating a huge challenge for them in completing their education or decreasing their chances of pursuing post-secondary options. The new Gerladina Orphanage and Education Centre will provide housing and primary education in English for orphaned children in the community, as well as for the local area children. This will affect the community as a whole, supporting a new generation in moving beyond their present limitations and becoming the next generation of agriculturalists, teachers, doctors and leaders in their community!

I was incredibly inspired to see this project with my own eyes - the unfolding of the vision to a ‘Brighte the Future’ for these children. It was such a pleasure to spent time with the GOEC children in the present (much smaller) orphanage location, and I will never forget the precious memories we created together. Although I could see how they will soon outgrow the size of their present home, these children seem very happy, healthy and are thriving in a family environment where they are cared for, loved and nurtured.  It will be good to have room to grow at their new and bigger home at the Permanent Centre!

The construction team hard at work

Showing the workers photo's of the build

We understood that many of the schools grow food on the property to supplement the student's diet. These banana plants were growing behind the Secondary School next door to the site where the new Centre was being built. I couldn't help but wonder if perhaps GOEC may be doing the same someday. Given how well these plants seem to be thriving on the land, I can't imagine it would be too difficult to grow them next door, in the same type of soil and under the same environment, as a valuable and supplemental food source.

We are organizing the fundraiser 'Brighten Our Future' this Ocober 2012, to raise funds for this build project.  Check out our website for more details!

You can view more photos of the build, including recent shots taken by Thadeus since we’ve left Bukoba, on Flickr. To read more about GOEC’s goals on the website: www.Gerladina.com

We also have many photo's on the GOEC Facebook page, while you are there please remember to ‘Like’ us!