We went shopping at the market with Thadeus, Eugenia & Fred for supplies/food for the orphanage and seen many familiar foods as well as several interesting items we couldn't identify. I took a chance and bought a spice I was sure was Cardamom to bring back for my sister. Turns out I was right!  But I wish I had remembered what they called it there. 

There was such a variety of products being sold - from jewelry & clothing to meat and nuts - and so much activity and talking, it made your head spin! We thoroughly enjoyed the experience without taking many pictures as this is can be considered offensive by some, however I will always remember the sights, sounds and smells of this vibrant market...it was truly an unforgettable afternoon!

After our shopping trip at the market, we loaded up the back of the Toyota and delivered everything to the orphanage. It was an interesting for us to learn what a typical shopping trip would be like for Eugenia (the orphanage house mother) in order to keep the children well-fed, healthy and happy!