I must dedicate a post completely to Eugenia, the housemother at the Gerladina Orphanage, who is an amazing woman with a heart of gold. She has a warm spirit and wise soul and I gained so much respect and admiration for her. She took time to help me sharpen my Swahili, and just as she is with the children, she was endlessly patient with me. She works very hard to ensure these children are nurtured and properly cared for. We were so happy to see how some of the newer children looked so much healthier and happier compared to photo's taken before they moved in to the orphanage!  They are obviously in good hands and I can't think of anyone better to be the 'house mom' for these children. She obviously loves each child dearly and has earned their love and respect in return. I'm honoured to know this incredible lady and I'm grateful she is a huge part of making GOEC a true home.
God Bless her for her dedication to this cause and for fulfilling one of the ‘highest callings’ there is...Pure and Undefied Religion is to Care for Orphans” James 1:27

Eugenia with her grandaughter, Rhoda

On the shores of Lake Victoria with Eugenia

A beautiful farewell with parting gifts from this wonderful lady