While out on our community visits, Thadeus stopped the Toyota just as we reached a plateau with a spectacular view of Lake Victoria. We began hiking down the hillside with an unknown destination, as at first Thadeus kept quiet about where we were headed...

Hiking down the hillside

We were pleasantly surprised to arrive at the home where he grew up and meet some of his extended family! We all took a walk through the lush green landscape that cascades down towards Lake Victoria, meeting the neighbors, chatting along the way and learning from Thadeus' brother what kinds of vegetables (and crops) they harvest in the area. What a lovely visit, beautiful home & countryside and of course, such an honour to meet his relatives!

Some of the lovey ladies in Thadeus' family (and one very pretty little one!)

We also went to visit the home of Deo Mugoa’s father in the beautiful countryside outside of Bukoba. Upon arrival we were surprised with a baby goat that had been born minutes before...it was quite the welcome and we couldn't resist taking pictures! Although Deo’s father was resting at the time we arrived, we had a nice visit with his caregiver and the caretaker of the home, both wonderful people and a pleasure to meet. 

With a sweet lady, the caregiver of Deo's

Baby goat - just born!

Another evening during our stay, Thadeus, Ana and Fred had us over for an amazing dinner at their home with friend Reuben, Ana’s brother Joseph, sister-in-law Generose and nephew Purit. We even met Thadeus’ three dogs! Their home is on the site of the secondary school where Thadeus teaches, and after dinner he gave us a tour around the school property. We had a great visit and ended the evening by cracking our ‘glow sticks’ I brought from Canada – a fun way to light our way home (well, lighting our way to the car at least) and a 24 hour 'Souvenir' for our hosts.

 Thadeus, Derek and Fred in front of the school church

While in Bukoba we also met a friend of GOEC Canadian Ambassador Deo Mugoa, Mc Baraka, who came with us on some of the community visits and gave us a tour of his workplace ‘United Kingdom Warehouse’.

We visited the Pastor at Thadeus church and his lovely wife and family at their home. I was admiring some hand-made animal ‘statues’ on their cabinet, and before I knew it, the Impala was given to me as a parting gift! I was worried this large figure approx. 1 foot in height with horns would not travel well throughout the rest of our adventure, but surprisingly, it made it without a scratch and now stands tall in my living room...many thanks to our new friends in Tanzania for this gift!

Visit my Flickr page to see more photo's highlighting the wonderful people Thadeus introduced us to including his family, friends, acquaintances and community members. I've also included some photos of the landscape and wildlife in the area where we stayed, on the shores of Lake Victoria in this Flickr album.