It's been quite awhile since I've been able to update my blog, but as I've finally fixed the 'glitches' here on my website and finished uploading the photo's to my Flicker account, it's a good time to finally enter back-posts using my notes from our stay.

Here's a preview of one of my albums from Flicker:
Journey to Tanzania #1 warm Welcome upon arrival'.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, it's hard to describe how amazing it is to have more than 5 pairs of little hands reaching for yours at once, smiles that melt your heart, and the joy we felt in finally meeting the children, including our sponsored children!  Derek and I met Jescca for the first time, (pictured in centre below, smiling) whom we have been sponsoring at the GOEC home for the past few years. 

Jesca singing and dancing with all the GOEC children for our welcome to GOEC and Bukoba. This is the second time I've been greeted upon arrival to a country by wonderful young voices. It's not surprising that the first was in Zambia.  How could there be a more beautiful and memoriable way to be greeted as a guest?  We could learn a thing or two from these hospitable traditions!  

After enjoying some wonderful songs and dancing by the children, we shared a meal with the GOEC family and other guests, including community members and friends. Our first day in Bukoba could not have been more memoriable!

A group picture taken in front of the Gerladina Orphanage

As I've already written about our exciting first couple of days in Bukoba earlier on in this blog, I'll include a very brief review here and hope you'll take the time to check out the photo's.  We had the opportunity to distribute
gifts to the children from sponsors and other contributors, and of course they were thrilled to be presented with new toys and clothing.  We had fun afterwards playing games, taking pictures and just getting to know the kids. We ended our visit by creating a ‘hand’ mural, similar to the 'Hands up for Africa' mural we created as a group in 2011 at our backyard 'Pamoja' fundraiser.  This time, it was the Gerladina kids turn to trace their hands & sign their names! To see more pictures from our day of fun, check out this Flickr album.

Derek recieving a sticker on his forehead as part of 'trend' we you'll see in the pictures on Flickr
, it caught on quickly and soon everyone was 'wearing' stickers!

Playing a game of checkers with the kids

Emily joins in on the 'Hands up for Gerladina' mural

To see more photo's from our 'Journey to Tanzania' visit my 
Flickr page!