Pamoja, Umoja Ni Nguvu’ (Swahili for ‘Together, Unity is Power’)...Together; we have the power to make change happen, for good!

Every travel adventure deserves a good introduction, and Africa is no exception.  After three years I am finally heading back to one of my most favorite places in this so-called ‘small world’.  The unforgettable experiences of my time in Morocco, Zambia, and Botswana, my love for the expansive and spectacular continent of Africa and my passion to know and work with the people there has left an indelible mark on my soul that will forever have me returning.  

This time my destination is Tanzania, where I’ll soon find my feet firmly planted upon the north-western shores of Lake Victoria in a little village called Bukoba, to visit the Gerladina Orphanage and Education Centre (GOEC).

I have been volunteering with the Organization’s Canadian team for about 3 years through the ‘Brighten Our Future’ initiative, joining the GOEC board of directors in 2011.  I am embarking on this journey to Tanzania with fellow Board Member & Executive Director (not to mention early pioneer and dedicated supporter of the organization), Emily Mallett-Jhita as well as with my husband Derek (GOEC volunteer).  Derek and I also sponsor two wonderful little girls whom we look forward to meeting while there: Jessca, who resides at GOEC, and Mamelitha, whom we help by assisting with her education through the GOEC neighborhood project.

As board members, Emily and I hope to consult with Thadeus and his team in Bukoba in order to further define future goals of GOEC and solidify a plan of action for local orphaned and vulnerable children. We’ll have a chance to see the land recently purchased for the “Permanent Centre”, which will be the future; and much larger site for the Gerladina Orphanage and Education Centre.

We are really looking forward to learning about the daily life and work in the Centre and within the Community, helping out wherever we can, and most of all spending time with the children.  Our hope is that by experiencing the daily life at the Orphanage and by speaking with the community we will gain a greater understanding for their needs and goals as well as the work already being accomplished in the area.

Stay tuned for more on this journey...I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming posts!


Pamoja Umoja Ni Nguvu BBQ Fundraiser for GOEC, summer 2011