As I sit here pouring over photos and thinking of all our memories from of our journey to Tanzania, while trying to ‘prioritize’ which pictures to post (if that's even possible), the names I can’t allow myself to forget, the amazing memories I’ll remember forever, it seems like I was there only yesterday.  I see the faces of children and people who are no longer simply in our hearts and our prayers while the distance keeps us separated, but whom I now feel eternally bonded with after our time together.  I am blessed not only meet so many wonderful people in Tanzania, but to have gained new friends who are now ‘extended family’.  I also feel a renewed sense of understanding, inspiration and hope after seeing the work being accomplished through GOEC, the changes being made by the people in Eastern Africa, and the determination and commitment to making things better for future generations.

And so it was with great reluctance and sadness that we said goodbye, and to everyone in this magnificent country Tanzania: “Asante & rafiki kwaheri, kuona tena hivi karibuni!”
“Thank you & goodbye friends, see you again soon!”

To our wonderful hosts and extended GOEC family I say “Asante sana kaka yangu Thadeus, dada yangu Eugenia & Ana, na Fred mdogo wangu!  Mungu akubariki na familia yako ... sisi ninakupenda sana!  Rafiki yako na dada, Miranda”
”Thank you my brother Thadeus, thank you my sisters Eugenia & Ana, thank you to my little brother Fred! God bless you and your family ... we love you so much! Your friend and sister, Miranda”

To the wonderful children of Bukoba, both at the Orphanage & throughout the community: 
"Wewe ni watoto kwamba ni daima katika moyo wetu, sisi tuna upendo sana!"
"You are the children that are always in our heart, we love you very much!"

Everyone of you truly are and always will be in my heart...
We love and miss you all!

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Pamoja, Umoja Ni Nguvu’ - ‘Together, Unity is Power
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