In addition to visiting the schools where the children from the Gerladina Orphanage attend, we were able to meet a few of the children sponsored through the ‘Neighborhood’ program and deliver gifts & letters to them from their sponsors. These children were identified as being vulnerable due to their life circumstance. The program ensures they do not lose the opportunity to attend school by providing economic and social support, uniforms, shoes and supplies. If you are interested in sponsoring a child through this program, please visit our website for the profiles of Neighborhood Children.

Mbelwa listens as Thadeus translates a letter from his sponsor.  Many of you may remember an earlier picture I posted while still in Tanzania of Mbelwa and his friends.

We tried to speak some Swahili to these children, quickly realizing this is such a rural community, they likely speak one of the local tribal languages, such as Kihaya.

One of the schools we visited was running a mobile clinic the day we visited. These boys are waiting for tests/medical treatment. Even though they gave me permission to take their picture, I think the lack of smiles had much to do with the nervousness that comes when anyone is waiting their turn in a clinic or hospital.

With a nurse at the school clinic

Derek & I had the honour of meeting Mamelitha, our sponsored child through the ‘Neighborhood Children’ program. As part of the program, she recently received a new school bag full of books, and nice new shoes! To see more pictures of Mamelitha, as well as the other children we sponsor, please visit this Flickr album AND check out these recent pictures of the children recieving their school supplies on our Facebook page! 

Last but certainly not least, we were thrilled to be able to visit Nshambya Primary School where some of the children from the Gerladina Orphanage attend!

Two boys holding the newly donated soccer balls to Nshambya Primary School (Emily is holding the homemade version the kids are presently using).