As many of you know, after we left Bukoba Derek & I continued our journey travelling throughout Tanzania.  This was quite an adventure, with far too many stories to retell and pictures to post through this blog.  Besides, it seems more fitting to conclude with our Journey to ‘Bukoba’ with the incredible people we met there and the inspiring things we witnessed.  If you are just catching up on this blog now, please read the intro. at the top of the main page then begin at my earliest post , it will definitely make more sense and you won’t want to miss notes from our first days in Bukoba!  You'll find all my photo's from this Journey on Flickr as well.

I had an incredible amount of difficulty trying to post on this blog while in Tanzania (even when I returned I had numerous technical ‘quirks’ with the site), so I was originally limited to posting on Facebook.  However I will post a link here in the future to some of my photography from our journey through the rest of the country, beginning in Mwanza, continuing through to Arusha, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and on towards our final destination - the Indian Ocean Island of Zanzibar.  If you want to hear more about our adventures in these places then let’s grab a latte and chat!  Otherwise, I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and the photo’s on Flickr as well, and if you’d like to get involved with supporting this wonderful grassroots organization, be sure to check out the GOEC website and our Facebook page.

In conclusion of this blog and our Tanzanian journey, the big question remains: What next?
The first half of this question is...where do we go next?   As mentioned in this and my previous blog to Zambia (& Botswana) the love I have for the air, sand and water of the continent of Africa – not to mention the incredible spirit of the people - runs thick through my veins and my desire to return keeps me planning!  Tanzania has been by far one of my favorite places ever visited (and I’ve travelled a lot), and I would definitely love to return there someday.  Tanzanians are extremely friendly, down to earth, honest and loving.  They put family first and yet inspired me with their kindness towards their neighbors and friends as well as visitors to their country, such as a  'Mzungu' like myself. Their generosity and goodwill towards those in need was reflected in their willingness to help others.  Even those who had few material possessions did whatever they could to help someone in need.  There are many people doing great things in the country and making great strides towards positive change, including both Tanzanian and international organizations... helping to alleviate poverty, disease, injustice and more. But I find it is the small grassroots 'acts of kindness' by both individuals and smaller organizations such as GOEC, that give us a true testament of how love endures above all things and the human spirit was created to fight for what was right.  Some people just seem naturally attuned to this I guess, and I’m thankful to have met this kind of humanity and resilience.

So that said, Derek & I are already thinking and planning our next journey. To where? We‘re still sorting that out. Dreams are hard to consolidate into just one adventure at a time. But Tanzania is definitely on my 'must return' list. Who knows, I may even pick up this blog again...

Until then, thank you for joining us & please keep in touch with our work with GOEC (see below for an exciting upcoming event!). 


The second half of the question is, what next for the orphanage and for the work in Bukoba?  Our journey continues with GOEC  (maybe not while 'literally' in Tanzania, at least not right now) and we are continually working hard back here at home to raise funds and awareness for this cause.  There are many exciting initiatives planned for the near future so please 'Like' us on Facebook so we can keep you posted! 

For now, please check our our website for details on an upcoming event, our annual Fundraiser "Brighten our Future" on Oct. 21stat Lula Lounge in Toronto. The goal of our fundraiser this year is to raise support for the construction of a much larger home for the Gerladina Orphanage and Education Centre, with 100% of the funds raised at this event (that's funds raised, not just proceeds!!) going towards this construction project. The more money we raise, the more children we can support. Even if you can't attend this year, please help us out by forwarding the event invite on Facebook, ReTweeting us and extending this warm welcome to your friends, family and co-workers. You can also contribute to the fundraising initiative online.

At GOEC, we know we may be a small grassroots organization but we have a big dream for the children of Tanzania!  So we hope you'll join us for this incredible
 event for a worthwhile cause! 

I hope you have enjoyed this journey through my blog...

Asanteni Sana, thank you all!