Hello everyone,

Unfortunately my website went offline and I've been unable to update my blog both while in Africa and once I returned. Now that I finally have it up and running again, I plan to post short stories and a few photo's from the trip, as well as a link to the complete album on Flickr once I've uploaded all the pictures.  I hope to have this up for August, so please stay tuned for more posts in lieu.  For anyone who tried to follow us during our Tanzanian journey, thank you for your patience and again, sorry for the gap!    

If you are on Facebook, please visit our GOEC page as well as my profile where you'll find several updates and new albums of the Orphanage as well as our travels throughout the Bukoba community and surrounding area.  

And lastly, if you are interested in getting involved or want to know more about the Gerladina Orphanage & Education Centre, please visit the website at www.gerladina.com

Thank you & Asante Sana!