Emily & I in the backseat wiith our new friend and the 'photographer' for GOEC, Boniface Africa, whom asked we call him 'Africa'.  Of course we found this name both easy-to-remember and very cool - Poa sana!

We were able to meet many members of the community with Thadeus – leaders, council men and administrators of the district, such as the office of G. C. Ndyamukama (pictured here).

On Sunday we were guests at Thadeus' church, where we treated to singing & activities put on by all the children in celebration of the 'Day of the African Child' or in Swahili: 'Siku ya mtoto wa Africa'

. The GOEC children got up on stage and did an amazing job performing a special song (pictured at bottom). I tried hard to let their voices burn deep into my memory while trying not to let tears burn my eyes. I knew every minute we had with them was precious, and that we would soon be saying goodbye. Until we meet again someday, I'll have these wonderful memories (and the pictures that go along with them) to hold on to.

Check out my Flicker page for more pictures of these and other community visits:

With Thadeus Pastor, his wife & church members

(below) Enjoying one last song by the children during a special church service for 'Siku ya Mtoto Wa Africa', 'Day of the African Child'.  To see pictures of our celebration with the GOEC kids commemorating this day, visit this Flickr album.